Harlem Falcons Beacon Tourn. 7-2

Harlem Falcons 13-u  3-2

Harlem Falcons 16-u  2-2




The Begining

In the winter of 2000, a young gentleman named Herbert Campbell and a few of his friends wanted me to form a neighborhood basketball team. He approached

Abdur Rahim Muhammad who had good relations with the community, entered them in their first two tournaments. The paco Invitational and Graham Windham

Beacon Classics. After their winningless season, he saw that they were determined and dedicated to the game. Therefore, he decided to take the Lincoln Falcons to the next level. Thus was born Harlem Falcons basketball Inc [H.F.B.I.]. For the next six years, the Halem Falcons Basketball Inc. extented from

12 youths to over 200 a year, placing them as the only organization with the most teams in NYC. 10 boys and 2 girls teams ranging from 26 to 11. H.F.B.I.

participated in tournaments throughout New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia. H.F.B.I. also assisted the youth in sessions in anger management, gang intervention, substance abuse counseling and peer pressure. However, due to the lack of funding, H.F.B.I. was forced to close.


Our Purpose

 We at H.F.B.I. are a dedicated staff whose mission is to save our children from these dangers. NYPD, Gangs, Drugs and most of all

their people pleasing attitudes and behaviors. Now I have returned and my mission is to introduce to our children how to be independent thinkers, self empowered, individuals. To enable them to develope self awarness, to instill in them the importance of EDUCATION before Recreation. Through

the above mentioned programs out side of basketball, your child. That is our children will become productive, strong individuals for themselves,

family and society.







Please send your donations to:

Shawn Stone

Harlem Falcons Basketball Inc

2430 7th ave. Suite 10-M

NYC, New York 10030


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12/23/2013 03:29
 Harlem Falcons are exploding!!! This week all the Falcons teams lost. 16-u by  3 and 13-u by 13. Yet, with one more will, they both still make the Playoffs.  

Falcons career record

03/17/2013 23:54
From 2000 to 2013 541 Games 54 Tournaments 20 Playoffs 17 Playoff wins 13 Championships wins To date

2012 winter tourn.

12/09/2012 19:20
Beacon                                                           Rashawn, Folly, Abdoulaye, Lassana, Malle, Jawan Amadou,...

Final Nominees of 2012 Summer Tournaments

08/11/2012 21:40
Central Park 16-U Jessie: MVP Travis: MVP Majestic: Highest Scorer Ahmed: Best Defensive Beacon Tournament 15-U "B" Team Kwaaze: MVP,  Ervin: Highest Scorer Quinton: Best Defense     15-U "A" Team Umar: MVP,  Bouba: Highest Scorer Kasheen: Best...

UpComing Summer Tournament

08/10/2012 19:11
Harlem's 'Battle Grounds' Basketball Classics Begining August  20th, 2012 151 st Amsterdam Ave. Harlem, New York 4 games  Ages 16-21 One Division  


08/10/2012 17:13
CHAMPIONSHIP GAME MVP's Falcons 'A' Aliou Toure Falcons 'B' Kwaaze Prophet


05/29/2012 20:39


03/04/2012 20:44

Central Park City Wide Tournament 2012

02/09/2012 13:35
After the Falcons were cheated out of the chance to be crowned Beacon Champions by Director, THE CROOKED Ian Holly, they now focus on their second City Wide Tourn- ament. Central Park. With an ALLSTAR team, Randy, Quinton, Mory and Alpha, along with upcoming star, Anthony, and...


12/17/2011 15:23
12 AND UNDER YOUTH: 2000 40 brown:  Sportsmanship of the year 2000-2001 Kirtis:        MVP 2000 Anthony:    Best Defensive Player 2000 Maurice:   103 3 pointers career title: Holds the most three pointers to date. 12 AND UNDER and 16...
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