The Falcons

MichaelNelson | 01/20/2013

Thank you and I know it has been a tiresome year but its finally over and I hope 2013 will get better. I would like to wish the best for the falcons for 2013.

The Falcons

MichaelNelson | 11/03/2012

My little brother wants to be part of the Harlem Falcons. How do i register him for the team ?

Re: The Falcons

Abdur rahim muhammad,CEO | 01/11/2013

please forgive me for taking so long to get to you. you caught me at the most tiresome time of the year. First. Call our home / office number at
1-347-270-0708. Or come to the Jackie Robinson Rec. Center at 146th street Bradhurst Ave Fridays from 715pm to 9pm.

The Falcons

jessica hernandez | 08/26/2012

Iam glad you doing the harlem falcons basketball team again. If it was for the team i dont think i would of had any instinct in the sport. LET GO FALCON.:)

Re: The Falcons

abdur rahim muhammad | 08/29/2012

You are one of the Falcons Legends. You are a great player and have LOVE for the game. Persue your dream for the WNBA. I hve faith in you.
We are having an Award Ceremony soon. I'll keep you posted.

Re: Re: The Falcons

jessica hernandez | 09/05/2012

Let me know when is it ill be glad to show up

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The Falcons

timothy jamison | 12/17/2011

I am glad you came back to start the Falcons agian. My son has always wanted to be a falcon and now he got his chance. the kids need more people like yourself. Keep it up. Good Luck in your tournament. GO FALCONS

Re: The Falcons

Abdur RAhim Muhammad | 12/17/2011

Thanks I really needed to hear that. I will send you information as to our future events. Please stay by your mailbox. Smile

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